Full Time CELTA Courses At Oxford House College London

The full-time CELTA course is designed to accommodate people with little or no previous teaching experience, or for people with teaching experience and no accredited qualification. Over this course students learn the principles of effective teaching, including classroom management and communication.


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Course Overview

The full-time CELTA course lasts 4 weeks, with an assessment at the end of the fourth week. The courses will usually run from 10:15 to 18:30, Monday to Friday (though there may be some variation during the summer months). Our course is designed for people with little or no previous teaching experience or for people who have taught unqualified and would now like to gain an accredited qualification. 


During the course you will develop familiarity with the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English to other adults. The course includes a good balance of teaching practice, observation of more experienced teachers in the classroom, and completion of a small number of practically focused written assignments. All of our CELTA students receive training and support from fully-qualified and highly-experienced English Language Training professionals and have full access to our central London library including professional books, publications, multimedia titles and internet access. 


How to Apply

To apply for the CELTA at Oxford House College, simply download our application form, fill it out and send it back to us at ttlondon@oxfordhousegroup.com. If you apply via e-mail we'll contact you shortly afterwards to organise a brief phone (or Skype) interview. 


Dates & Fees


Course Fee Exam Fee Total Next Start Date
£1190 £135 £1325 12/01/2015 Application Form


All Dates


1. 12/01/15 – 06/02/15

2. 09/02/15 – 06/03/15

3. 09/03/15 – 02/04/15 (plus one Saturday)

4. 07/04/15 – 01/05/15 (plus one Saturday)

5. 05/05/15 – 29/05/15 (plus one Saturday)

6. 01/06/15 – 26/06/15

7. 29/06/15 – 24/07/15 (course runs 12:00 - 20:00)

8. 27/07/15 – 21/08/15 (course runs 12:00 - 20:00)

9. 24/08/15 – 18/09/15 (plus one Saturday) 

10. 21/09/15 – 16/10/15

11. 19/10/15 – 13/11/15

12. 16/11/15 – 11/12/15