English Teacher Training CELTA Courses At Oxford House College

English Language Teaching (ELT) qualifications:

The College provides courses leading to accredited University of Cambridge ESOL Language Teaching Awards. Both qualifications CELTA and DELTA are approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).


CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults:

CELTA is an initial qualification in teaching English as a foreign language to adults. It is the best known and most widely taken initial English Language Teaching (ELT) qualification of its kind in the world, taken by over 10,000 people each year. With the CELTA qualification, a wide range of exciting ELT career options will open up for you, not least the prospect of working in your favourite locations around the world.


At Oxford House College London we have a Full Time CELTA Course and a Part Time CELTA Course.


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Find out more about our Part Time CELTA Course


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DELTA - Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults:

The DELTA course is for teachers anywhere in the world who have substantial experience in teaching English as a foreign language to adults and who want to further develop their knowledge and skills. The DELTA qualification enhances a teacher's long-term career prospects in the ELT profession.


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Professional development courses for qualified teachers of English: Oxford House College teachers’ courses are eligible for EU funding through Erasmus + – Click here to find out more about our courses for overseas teachers


The Oxford House Club:

The Oxford House Club organizes regular talks for our members each year. The topics share the common theme of bettering the English and teaching skills of our members, and are a great means to keep up to date with ever-changing aspects of teaching.